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Virtual College has been established to provide education opportunity to students living in far-flung areas of Pakistan and for those experienced professionals who are unable to attend classes because of their busy schedule. The students who cannot afford to pay the fees as regular on-campus students, can also be benefited from this unique Virtual Learning Program. Virtual Learning Program provides extremely affordable education to aspiring students all over the world. This unique program enables students to finish their courses at their own place and in their own time. Virtual College provides education through highly interactive website, email. The students of Virtual College would be provided with their own "User-ID" and "Password" enabling them to access the huge resource of information relevant to their courses. The students would be required to finish their assignments and tasks and submit it to Virtual College through website, email. These assignments will be assessed by Industry qualified and highly experienced faculty members.

Professional Courses Offered:

  • 15 Days Course on e-Marketing
  •                 Detail
  • 15 Days Course on Leisure Services
  •        Detail
  • 15 Days Course on Marketing
  •                     Detail
  • 15 Days Course on A Lead to Winning Customers
  •                     Detail
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