It is becoming imperative for companies to manage the technology infrastructure according to established standards as regulators become increasingly less tolerant. MSOLPK offers technology infrastructure outsourcing services so that you can comply with new standards without facing increasing costs.

Service Offerings
At MSOLPK, we offer the following Technology Infrastructure Outsourcing Services:

IT Support Outsourcing
With our remote IT support Help Desk outsourcing services, we offer a service that complies with the new regulatory help desk requirements and goes further by assisting with other areas of compliance. We can offer you a way to comply with new requirements and yet save on your internal help desk costs.

Application Hosting
Through close working relationships with a number of specialist data-centres, MSOLPK offers enterprise level application hosting services. We also work with hosting service providers who are located in lower cost regions but who provide world class hosting services. Depending on your hosting requirements, we offer solutions that meet your IT requirements, offer security safeguards, are risk-managed and bring value for your investments.
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