MSOLPK BPO services focus exclusively on that segment of the market where we can provide strategic, multi-process, end-to-end business solutions Ė and where we can leverage our firmís core competencies to help clients build shareholder value. We take a holistic approach to providing clients with integrated business solutions that benefit the entire organisation, and that are coordinated across business units, related functions, and geographic regions. Our BPO group provides a broad range of services, which centre around our firmís core competencies in key management areas: Web Research, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, and Learning/Education. We believe this is the high-growth, value-added segment of the BPO market, and our goal is to deliver significant business value to our clients.

Service Offerings
At MSOLPK, we offer the following Business Process Outsourcing Services:

Web Research Services
The internet is one of the most valuable sources of information today sought after by decision makers. However, much of this information is often unutilised because of the resource cost involved in sifting through pages and pages of irrelevant information before arriving at valuable business data. Our web research services are designed to help you gather information that will help you to make better decisions. Through use of offshore research teams, we further make the cost of such information entirely affordable. For instance, we work with clients helping them understand their competitorsí prices and how they vary month-on-month. Such information becomes valuable to our clients as they look to strike a winning price for their products.

Human Resource Outsourcing
We help clients to manage their human resources more efficiently and whilst doing so reduce their average cost per employee significantly. We do this by assuming responsibility for HR transaction processing such as payroll processing, expense claims and general administration requirements. we seek to customise our HR service offering to your strategic priority areas.

Financial & Accounting (F&A) Outsourcing Services
Within Pakistan, MSOLPK is widely acclaimed to be a leading F&A specialist company. Covering nominal ledger, budgeting, payables, receivables, cash management and payroll. Furthermore, we have designed F&A business processes for many large organisations. We have a depth of understanding in F&A and we believe that we can offer an F&A Outsourcing service that returns high business value to you. Management of finance/accounting department functions includes: financial planning/budgeting; financial accounting/reporting; general ledger; accounts payable/receivable; payroll processing; treasury functions; cash management; foreign exchange; fixed assets; revenue accounting; joint-venture accounting; cost management; tax compliance; and related functions.

Specialised Outsourcing Projects
MSOLPK maintains a database of more than 300 employees and is well placed to engage in large outsourcing projects at a short notice tailor made to your specialist operating area within any sector.
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