In todays business environment, companies are increasingly driven to focus on their core competencies as they realise they cannot afford to engage in activities for which they have no competitive advantage. A growing number of firms are considering the benefits of "Outsourcing" as a result.

Traditionally, outsourcing started with low risk activities such as security and cleaning, and specialised activities such as payroll processing, legal services, press relationship management. However, more strategic activities, including the management of complex business application systems. Our Application Outsourcing Services (AOS) are designed to help such firms rigorously implement international standards in development and management of application software assets and yet reduce the total cost of owning and maintaining such assets.

Service Offerings
At MSOLPK, we offer the following Application Management Outsourcing Services:

Application Management
MSOLPK provides the maintenance, user support and management services required to support custom made and legacy software applications. For companies that are either stuck with running old legacy applications or are looking for new partners to manage existing bespoke application, MSOLPK offers to take the entire responsibility of these software assets and aims to reduce costs in this pursuit.

Application Development
MSOLPK provides the development and implementation of new applications or major enhancements to existing applications, including design, custom coding and package configuration, testing and implementation. Applications Development can be outsourced without on-going support. We further offer to support and manage these applications on an on-going basis as you may require us to do.

Application Re-Engineering
For applications developed in legacy environments and based on past business requirements, MSOLPK offers itís reengineering services. More than just upgrading into newer technology, we work with you to understand the strategic alignment of the software asset and build new and updated functionality where required. We further offer to support and manage these applications on regular basis over a period of time.

Portal Development and Integration
Build and delivery service for corporate portals is also a part of our diverse application development portfolio. Being heavily experienced with internet-based applications and web services oriented architecture, we help you leverage upon existing application infrastructure and share information and knowledge with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Website Development and Management
MSOLPK offers to assume ownership of your website altogether so that your organisation keeps and maintains a strategically aligned website without having to allocate any internal resource in doing so. Our service includes on-going content writing, content management, graphic design, web development, search engine optimisation, on-line promotion, web analytics and hosting. We structure website projects such that some or all of these services may apply to your requirements.
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